Holiday On Ice, Europe (1957)

Recent Additions to the Collection

The collection is currently housed in Knoxville, Tennessee, where “Holiday On Ice” rehearsed and premiered its touring productions in the early 1960s.  The Foundation’s board of directors promises to carefully catalog, preserve, and share these precious memories of professional show skating.  We eventually plan to open a museum for public display of these treasures. In the meantime, we are building a database of all the archived material, for display on this web site and through social media.


Robert Unger and his partner (Irene Braun?) at Casa Carioca, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, in the early 1950s

If you have any memorabilia from ice shows that you would like to donate to the collection, please send it to:

Pro Skating Historical Foundation
100 Lebanon St
Knoxville TN 37919

If you have any questions, you can reach us through the “Contact” page linked above.


Richard Dwyer, Key Toronto Cover 1971


News clipping from Kathy Kuta collection


Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies Advertisement 1971 — from the Kathy Kuta Collection


Ice Follies editorial cartoon, 1971– from the Kathy Kuta collection


Star of Holiday On Ice — Biography of Robert Unger and a History of the Ice Chalet — The story of a man whose vision impacted the ice skating world and generations of ice skaters. Hardcover with 200+ Photos! Robert Unger: Something for Everyone

My Story: Adventures with Holiday On Ice by Carl Moseley

Carl Moseley’s book about his tours with Holiday On Ice is available for sale on Amazon.com: My Story: Adventures with Holiday on Ice


The Golden Age of Ice Shows 5-DVD Collection is available from the Pro Skating Historical Foundation: Golden Age of Ice Shows





Below are just a few examples of some of the many items in the Foundation’s collection.

Gallery showing many of the items in our collection!

Ice_Capades_poster_1980med1980 Ice Capades PosterDonated by Randy Gardner
1980 Ice Capades poster with Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner.

Many Show Programs, Videos, Photos and More! – Donated by Carl Moseley

  • Holiday On Ice
  • Champions On Ice
  • Shipstad & Johnson’s Ice Follies
  • Walt Disney’s World On Ice
  • Skating Vanities
  • Wiener Eisrevue
  • DVDs of movies related to skating, videos of show skating – there are so many!

Photos from 1999 & 2000 World Professional Championships – Donated by Alice Berman

  • Negatives and Photos of Stars
  • “Silly Skating” Playing Cards

Ice Capades Photo Donated by Leny Rochester
“Moiseyev on Ice”, (circa 1960’s) 5 X 16 Skaters: Jimmy Grogan, Bobby Specht, Helga Tuchniski, Robbie Robertson, Cathy Machado, Phil Romayne, Cathy Steel.

Ice Show ProgramsDonated by Leny Rochester

  • “Bouwmeester Revue on Ice” Amsterdam, 1953, Felix Kaspar, Heather Belbin, June Macdonald
  • “Chu Chin Chow on Ice” Empire Pool Wembley Stadium, London England. 1953
  • “Wiener Eisrevue – Vienna Ice Revue” 1952

RecordDonated by Leny Rochester
“Music From the Ice Capades” featuring Bob Hamilton on the electronic organ.

Amateur Show ProgramsDonated by Leny Rochester

  • “Ice Hot Rhythms” Skating Club of Van Nuys, Van Nuys, Ca USA. 1978
  • “Ice Palace Grand Opening” Las Vegas Nevada, USA 1967
  • “Ice Fun & Fantasy” Pasadena Winter Gardens, Pasadena, CA USA. 1949 (2)
  • “Ice Fantasy 1951” Pasadena Winter Garden, Pasadena, CA USA. 1951
  • “Ice Fantasy of 1950” Pasadena Winter Garden, Pasadena, CA USA 1950
  • “Birthday for a Princess” Pasadena Winter Garden, Pasadena, CA USA 1946 (2)

Competition ProgramsDonated by Leny Rochester

  • 1969 Arctic Blades Invitational Championships
  • 1955 Pacific Coast Figure Skating Championships
  • 1954 Pacific Coast Figure Skating Championships
  • 1953 United States National Figure Skating Championships (2)
  • 1952 Pacific Coast Figure Skating Championships (3)
  • 1952 United States National Championships
  • 1951 Pacific Coast Figure Skating Cahmpionship (2)
  • 1949 Southern California Inter-Club Figure Skating Competition (2)
  • 1948 Pacific Coast Figure Skating Championships
  • 1947 Fifth Annual Southern California Inter-Club Championships

“Skating” Magazine of the United States Figure Skating AssociationDonated by Leny Rochester

  • 1968: June
  • 1954: June
  • 1953: March,
  • 1952: Feb., April, May, Dec.
  • 1951: Feb., March, May, Nov., Dec.
  • 1950: Jan., May, June, Nov., Dec.
  • 1949: Jan., Feb., May, Nov.
  • 1948: Mar., April, May, June, Nov., Dec.
  • 1947: March
  • 1946: April, May (2), Oct.
  • 1945: Jan., May, Oct. (3), Dec.
  • 1944: Oct.

MiscellaneousDonated by Leny Rochester

  • “Skating Through the Years” Published December 1942 (missing cover) Great collection of photos.
  • “The First Twenty-Five Years of the USFSA” 1921-1946.

 ProgramsDonated by Heather Belbin

  • Holiday On Ice – (Unknown date) President, F.A. Goodhart & Produced by Ted Shuffle. “Bolero”, “Shangri-La”, “Salute to New York”.
  • Holiday On Ice – (Unknown date) President, F.A. Goodhart & Produced by Ted Shuffle. “Smurfs”, “Gaucho”, “Sleeping Beauty”.
  • Holiday On Ice – (Unknown date) President, F.A. Goodhart & Produced by Stephanie Andros. “Alice in Wonderland”, “Dancesof Die Fledeermaus”
  • Holiday On Ice 23rd Edition – 1968
  • Ice Follies – 1968
  • Ice Follies – 1969
  • Ice Follies International – 1969?
  • Minto Follies – April 14-15, 1978
  • John Curry: Theatre of Skating 2 – 1977
  • Gala On Ice (Germany) – 9/11/1989
  • Torvill & Dean And The Russion Allstarts – 1989
  • World Cup Champions On Ice – 1991-1992
  • An Evening With Champions – 10/20/2000
  • Champions on Ice 25th Anniversary 2003 Tour
  • World Cup Figure Skating Championship – (Unknown date)

MagazinesDonated by Heather Belbin

  • Reader’s Digest – January 2001
  • Teen Magazine – December 1969

Trading CardsDonated by Heather Belbin

  • Trading Cards

List of items in our collection currently catalogued in our database, which is growing all the time!