Starting your professional career is starting to live the dream of skating and what skating is meant to be. The joy of skating is being able to perform and grow as an artist. You have worked so hard for many years, and now you find yourself performing. This is your reward.

No matter what your position in any production, keep your goals in sight. Strive to be a better skater or performer every night and every week, and you will be rewarded further. The biggest reward is the personal satisfaction you receive through your hard work. Maybe acquiring a principal spot, another role, a better salary, eventually choreographing, or a management position… anything is possible — all great reasons to keep improving and seeing those goals become a reality.

Learn from watching your idols — first for their qualities as good human beings, and second as great artists or performers. You are only as good as your last show.. so be better than the last one… and get that comedy role you’ve always wanted, or that choreography gig!  Posted by: Richard Swenning  Last modified on: 1/29/2006

Having Goals: Aim high, Stay positive