As you travel across the world, from venue to venue, hotel to hotel, or sometimes hauling your trailer still… the smell of each arena you walk into, what make-up spot will you claim as your own for the week, is the ice hard or soft that week… where is the coffee stand and board located, where is the local bar afterwards to unwind and chat with with the locals of the town or city… when is travel day and your day off, what time is the bus?? Do you have your bus buddy… will the show get a standing “O” this week or not, but when you walk out of that building and say “Goodnight Phoenix”, that you claimed to be your own for that particular week… the only thing that truly is yours is your Family of Friends that will last forever…That is what tour is all about…. Nancy Pluta-choreographer.

Posted by: Nancy Pluta Last modified on: 1/22/2006

Family of Friends Forever