Hello, I am figure skating coach who skated with Holiday On Ice. Show skating is so different than “regular” skating! It is so hard to imagine, however, it is the greatest experience that I have ever had in my entire lifetime. I was lucky in that I traveled with HOI to Europe, South America, and Asia… what an experience! Also, I met my husband (still married after 21 years) in the show. He was the Chief Electrician for the show. We met one month after I joined HOI and have been joined at the hip ever since. Today we live in Chicago and I coach skating. I have so much passion for skating and always talk about my days of touring with the show and how great it was. I encourage my students to be the best skater and person that they can possibly be. I talk to them a lot about show skating and how rewarding an experience it was for me. The skating is great and the opportunity to travel the world and be with others from all over the world is such a wonderful experience. I hope to send several of my students off to the show skating world and watch them live their dreams on ice!

Posted by: Mary Antensteiner Last modified on: 5/28/2006

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