It is such a blast to be a member of the cast of the television production Dancing On Ice. Taking part in the most watched television show in U.K. history on its first episode is brilliant (over 11 million viewers). The backstage is chaotic. Literally, a hundred plus people running around like maniacs from about 9AM straight through until 10PM. Comparatively, setting up an ice show is a walk in the park.

The best part of the whole thing is getting to work one on one with Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. Watching and learning as they masterfully choreograph routines is a sheer pleasure. Not to mention, being lifted by Chris makes me feel like a giddy school girl every time.

My personal highlight of each episode is watching Torvill & Dean perform. They haven’t lost their fluidity, grace, and unison a single bit. The entire cast eagerly surrounds backstage monitors to watch each and every time they run or perform their numbers.

As for partnering with a celebrity that has no former experience on the ice, it’s quiet a challenge. The male skaters have their hands full trying to lift their partners while the female skaters fear for their lives whenever their skates leave the ice in the hands of a beginner-level skater.

Thanks to Chris, Jayne, and England’s top coaches Steven & Karen Barber, we all come out looking like real pair teams. Of course, some better than others.

Posted by: Tamara Sharp Last modified on: 1/28/2006

Dancing On Ice