The FOX television show, “Skating With Celebrities,” was one of the most rewarding and pleasurable experiences in my career. As one of the coach/choreographers (shared with Michael Seibert and Renee Roca), I was working with Dave Coullier (with Nancy Kerrigan) and Bruce Jenner (with Tai Babilonia). Dave kept me laughing throughout the entire project with his perfect comedy timing and shaving off his first two toe picks from his blades because he normally skates in hockey skates. This was a concern, as when he tried to jump or stop backwards he usually ended up toppling forward onto both hands. When down there he could do push ups for extra training.

Bruce, on the other hand, transformed himself into a competitive adult skater. He worked very hard by coming back at night and doing extra training hours. So much so, that when he was practicing a camel spin he took a dangerous spill.

These two men loved the skating terminology. Now, we have a ‘double ham sandwich’ followed by a ‘straightline Mercedes step!’

Thanks guys!  Posted by: Randy Gardner Last modified on: 1/31/2006

Skating with Celebrities