Meeting Belita

Maria Belita Gladys Olive Lyne Jepson-Turner: It was a great experience meeting the skater known professionally as “Belita” and getting to know her over several years when my wife Noel and I were in London. A small group of friends

Lisa Lauten

Lisa Lauten grew up skating in Milwaukee, Wisconsin — a small town, but she had big dreams! Immediately after graduating from High School in 1979, she was offered contracts with both Holiday on Ice and Ice Capades. At her coaches’

Jola Iglikowska

Originally from Poland, Jola Iglikowska started her pro skating career in 1969 in South Africa with Producer Marjory Chase. She went on to skate with Holiday on Ice/Europe until 1976. From 1976-1981, she skated with Ice Capades, and in 1984 she

Janet Wright

Janet Wright, founder of ProSkaters (previously the Professional Figure Skating Cooperative) and founder of the Pro Skating Historical Foundation passed away from a massive heart attack on November 2, 2012 in her Des Plaines, Illinois home. Here is a photo